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Gambian leader says thank-you to Kingfisher Trust. H.E the President says thank-you to Kingfisher Trust . 

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AFPRC Recognises Kingfisher Trust Activities In The Gambia

The AFPRC Government recognises the activities of Kingfisher Trust following the shipment and delivery of its fifth container to The Gambia.

In a recent letter to Kingfisher Trust, the Gambian High commissioner in UK, Hassan A. Gibril said "I have the honour to inform you that the container of medical supplies from Witham shipped by Kingfisher Trust has landed in Banjul".

Mr. Gibril further stated that the supplies were received with delight by the Department of Medical Services and accordingly forwarded to the Bansang Referral Hospital and other Clinics in the rural aresa.

In this regard, Mr. Gibril said: "I have been directed by His Excellency the Head of State and Chairman of the AFPRC to convey to the Kingfisher Trust and through it to the people of Witham, the Government and People of The Gambia's thanks and appreciation for the good work that they are doing for the Gambian poor and needy".

In a similar occasion recently, Captain Momodou Badgie Commissioner MacCarthy Island Division, has assured the Trust of his personal support and that of the Government and the entire division.

Simon B. Wezel, Liaison and Organising Secretary of the Trust, explained that the Gambia's case is special in that while some 86,000 children attend primary school, less than a fifth progress to high school or technical college. Many never receive an education at. all, because their parents are too poor. "A man in regular employment may earn as little £5 a week, but must provide everything, from uniforms to books, papers, pens, and even desks in some cases if his children are to attend lessons. If funds dry up, it it the girls who are the first to leave school, Simon narrated.

He added that they at the Trust are now turning to schools and not concentrating only on the Medical sector. Mr. Wezel further said that to avoid wasteful duplication of effort, Kingfisher Trust works with several other aid organisations in Europe, Canada and The Gambia.